If You’re Gonna Be Smart

The place wherein symbols have reached their manifold attainment, is that time wherein symbols no longer represent anything specific.

One ole’ forward looking sore-head says that when he dies, he wants to go to a place where you can “be naughty without being nice.”

A slightly irregular fellow I fell in with, just over that way, informed me that his primary goal now was to collect those kinds of ideas with a high R-factor to best insulate his mind from inclemency.

There is this band of kinda, “traveling gypsy rebels,” over in the sixth quadrant, who have painted on the side of one of their space wagons this:

“If you’re gonna be fat,
be real, real fat, and
If you’re gonna be dumb,
be exceedingly so, but
If you’re gonna be smart,
just a little bit will do.”

As the future more and more finds its space here, the fear of the gods is the coming of man.


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