Fresh Intelligence

Fresh intelligence can lack a perceivable center of gravity.



A percipient hermit is one with custom ear-sight.



One fairly rebellious father told his son, “If you can’t ‘take it on the chin,’ where ARE you gonna take it?”



Over in another place, this one ole sore-head told one even older than himself, “Hey, just because they tell you that you’re ‘old and in the way,’ doesn’t mean you’re all that old.”



Whilst tuned to their media-spectrum on a certain green-shifted planet near the Fourth Quadrant, I discovered a quiz show that was the current rage, and that evening’s excitement was climaxed by this exchange with the final contestant: of the evil, truth and error, one and many, and so on, which, dear contestant, which of the eternal opposites is THE most important?”  And the quiz taker instantly replied, “Believing there is an answer to this question.”


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