Action Plans

A real explorer is not simply “sick of the past,” but is, more specifically, “sick of his memories of the past.”   But old-world intelligence might well ask, “Well, what’s the difference anyway?”  What, indeed.



While the ordinary are generally wired to dream-of-things-afar, a real explorer properly divides his life into the plans-of-dreams, and the related actions-from-the-plans.  But, even in such dreams, the explorer would not ignore that which is nearby and immediate, such as pulling closer together his upper and lower circuitry.



To a new-world-intelligence, ordinary emotions are not unlike “fast, junk food”; if circumstances so dictate, then just eat ‘em and run.



One revolutionist explorer would sometimes turn to himself and say, “Hey, don’t get touchy.”  Some folks can’t afford that diversion.



New-world data mostly operates at a trans-sonic level; the fragments normally heard are a mite slower.


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