Everything Else

To most people, monotony is the state of being married to just one person.



Overheard one City ponderer exclaim, “I’ve got it – everything’s a mirror,” to which his other voice replied, “Oh yeah, then what’s everything else?”



One Hang-out-in-the-Bush-oriented person once stated, “Although there may be ideas, concepts, and insights expressed by other Men which may indicate, or point toward, some basic truth, or general understanding, I still operate on a simple basis:  If I didn’t think of it first – fuck it!”



A City-stuffed rhyme for leaf-blown minds:
Asleep, I often dreamed,
of life as just ennui,
but then upon awakening,
I saw it was just me.



The thing, perhaps, that a Revolutionist likes best about someone else’s place, is that He doesn’t have to live there.


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