Anytime you still have uncertainty as to the overall, operational level of human intelligence, recall this for your further rumination:  Descartes is still considered a major mental influence, and his prime paradigm of reality and knowledge has God as a factor in the syllogism.



May I submit another contender for the upcoming Safe Statement Award:
“We may experience some resistance…”



While on a harmless City jaunt, a Revolutionist heard these words, “A great poem demands a great reader,” and he was so semi-intrigued with the notion that he advertently stepped on a small executive.



There is this guy out near Winslow, Arizona, with a truck, who sez he can carry your load, IF you know what he means.



In the City, they may go without sex, get out and run for no apparent reason, even eat rutabagas, but one thing they cannot do – can never-ever do – is see any irony in THEIR actions.


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