Right, Left, Right, Left

No matter the sport, all games must have a scorable outcome, they must have a winner; hence, Life sometimes favors its’ right hand, other times its’ left.



Beta Verse:

One guy’s best thoughts
came when he was so old
that he was too mad
to have them.

Gamma Refrain:

One advantage to having your best thoughts later in life, is that you have the added enjoyment of having to wrestle with the natural urge to be increasingly angry about everything you think about. 

(Beyond this, few people need an Omega stanza.)



If you polish some things down far enough, you can come to the pleasing cold.



One electrical force told its charges, “I know it may seem like a bit much, but even dumbness must be periodically updated.”



One older reality told its kid, “When speaking to lesser systems, always remember: Emphasis is as emphasis does.”  (Unrelated question-of-the-day, but to conserve paper, I’ll include here:  Can any older person, system, reality or idea, not have a younger?)



One god told his creatures that if they didn’t do better, he was going to tell his mother…(which had the possibility of putting a distinct crease in their little reality.)



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