Splashing cool water in his face in the airport restroom, the fellow at the adjoining sink remarked, “Figuring out something new always makes my eyes feel refreshed.”



People who have to
define what they do
will best stick
with defining.



A chap in the city says that, while he will admit to being a boor and a lout, he insists he is so only in practice, and certainly not in principle.



On the imaginary bulletin board out in the revolutionist camp, this note was posted:  “If you take an idea you think could be true, or that you wish could be so, and put it into a verbal belief, you will have killed it without the expense of poison.”



One man keeps a herd of snakes in his bed; he refused to say exactly why, but does note that any experience can be a lesson to you.



Another guy’s complaint was, “Boy, once people get in a position of authority, they begin to think they’re some Hot Stuff!”  And his partner attempted some navigational correction by replying, “Well, that’s just the point now, isn’t it.”


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