Real Experts

“Real experts” (that’s like in, “real experts,” with “real” in all caps, underlined and in quotation marks), “REAL” experts don’t care whether you believe them or not.  (Related datum:  Not many “REAL” experts live around here.)



In some realities,
the news of an event
can be almost as bad
as the event itself.



One guy (who didn’t seem to take much from anybody) said that the only things that made him laugh, were things he personally found funny.



The stubbier of the current detection devices may not show it up in red, but the one-eyed furies continue to pursue certain of the weekend mental aircraft.



After much meditation, starvation and large drug consumption, this one man says he saw a physical manifestation of god; he says he bore a startling resemblance to a certain country and western star of the late fifties and early sixties.  He says he doesn’t want to see god again anytime soon.



There’s this man who makes up legends and fairly tales, and who wants it clearly understood that he cannot guarantee their validity.


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