A Nice Small Undertow

A new player in the park’s “Public Speaker Game” gallantly mounted the vacant soap box and declared that a man should put on new ideas and clothes when they are wet and in that way they will both better conform to his unique posture and singularity of need.



Biology lesson for the day (it’s not really Biology, but if I told you what it really is, even more ears would go numb) – so, Biology lesson for the day:  Why are the young always worried about being swindled by the old, but never by their contemporaries?



Knights who carry
business cards
announcing their trade
have collapsible lances.



One nice, mostly unstructured day, a guy was sitting around yammerin’ to his dog bud and said, “What’da you wanna do?”  And as he patted the little guy, he noted, “Of course, we end up doing what I decide anyway, don’t we?”  He scratched his ears some more and continued, “But humans, too, end up doing what somebody else wants – it’s just they’re the only ones who believe otherwise.”  (He patted more and added) “Of course, that’s what makes us humans.”



Near The Beach Of Insouciance
is posted this sign:

“A Nice Small Undertow
Is Always In Order.”


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