Small Stuff

And yet another letter, this from a man who says his “viewing experience” regarding our News is truly unique, in that even though he doesn’t understand it – he still doesn’t like it.  (And being unable to help himself, Captain Irony added:  “My friends we’re talkin’ serious unique here!”)



Upon stumbling across some verse from another time zone expressing such ideas as, “Young ladies are like delicate plants, each a potential flower of creation’s greatest beauty; young ladies must be cherished, seen-to and taken care of,” a chap reading it suddenly thought, “My god – I’m a young lady!”



One father of great originality and insight told his kid, “Hey, don’t sweat the small stuff.”  And one of the moonbeams whispered, “Don’t tell that to the small stuff.”



After some number of years together, this one man thought so highly of his canine companion that he decided to take him into his confidence.  (And after the episode had transpired, the dog thought, “It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it, ole-chap?”)


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