Double Ha!

Proclaiming his purpose to pursue a life of Spartan Intellect, one chap narrowed down his alternatives to such a point that his feet swelled up on him.



“Ha!” he exclaimed, picking through some city garbage and glancing defiantly toward a sanitation worker’s cousin, “Ha! – ha and ha – but one thing, ole dears, about fighting a ‘losing battle’ – at least you know how it’s gonna end…Ha! And double ha to you.”



From one of the side balconies, the king proclaimed, “The defense against poetry cannot be commonly shared,” and some of those who heard and understood this were mad as hell.



One man says that it’s somewhat surprising that the older he gets, the more he seems to have in common with his hormones.



Until you first take the unique human aspects of mortal existence extremely seriously, there is no possibility of you ever realizing how life works, and once you have accepted such a serious view, there’s hardly any possibility you’ll ever realize how life actually works.  (I wish you hot-heads would quit writing to me about justice.)


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