Once Upon a Time

The Secret Talisman in the Great Universe Regent’s School contains but one short final instruction:  “Once the king can count to two – leave him alone.”



Fairy Tales For
The Fairly Tolerant:
Once upon a time,
came in fewer –
not more – flavors.



Even before he was sure what was going to happen, this one guy’d always say, “Boy, I hate this kinda shit,” and boy, was he seldom wrong.



There was once a land where the king established a new court position, The Minister In Charge Of Thinking Up New Ministries, and this new official’s first brainstorm was to propose the Office of The Anti-Minister Of Thinking Up New Ministries, which really got things off to a good start.



The hotly debated topic in one guy’s brain – I mean in one political network – is whether one’s constituents can be one’s peers.  (If so, the forecast would call for sure cerebral confusion in certain neural districts.)


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