Rental Space

Another man who’s been reading the Daily News says he now’s afraid to “tell what kinda guy he is,” for fear he might become so.



One old guy
rented out his mind;
they never returned it;
he didn’t care;
he hardly noticed.



Even around a three-D reality there are places where Acts-&-Facts meet, but you don’t wanna be there accidentally ‘cause then the word “collide” becomes more appropriate than “meet.”



(I guess enough time has elapsed to update this recent one): If you wait for someone else’s ideas to tell your ideas that they’re history – they’re history!



There was this guy who had such a good relationship with his own partner that he decided to confide in him.  “Look, if you understand the city well enough to be goofy, then the trick is to get everybody else around you to take it seriously.”  (He later wondered if he should’ve saved this info to start his own religion.)


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