The people always believe that the king is in control, but a lot they know, right?  Right!  (I mean, if they did know anything, they wouldn’t be the people, now would they?)


Whenever he didn’t know what to do, one guy would faithfully call his mama, ‘cause she didn’t know what to do either.



In some areas of the city,
if you get real nervous and upset,
some people will think
you know what you’re doing.



One way, in case you wanted to know, to tell trinkets from art, is that no one receives as much pleasure from art as does its creator.  (It’s not that the delight of the artist is just more than that of an audience – his is in a whole other world.)



There was this one family who believed they were direct descendants of god.  (And I trust you won’t reveal your ignorance by smirking when I tell you that they had no trouble getting others to believe it also.)


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