Math Problems

In that curious way that events have of becoming eventful, this chap, who I said to be famous somewhere, for something, wrote a Letter To The Editor of a certain journal in which he stated, “Any problem that can be solved through mathematics is not much of a bloody-day problem.”  And then, less than three months later, submitted another letter saying he now realized that the exact opposite was correct.  (And while the publication has no “Letters To The Editor” section, this in no wise detracts from the irrelevancy of his efforts.)


A recent rumor in one reality has it that the last scheduled God Conference had to be cancelled due to a lack of irony.


All prophets of doom will be right once in their life.  (File under “Inevitable.”)


I met a man near a shoe shop, who says he’s so given to making physical faux pas’ that even towards himself he sometimes thinks his own body language is speaking in a foreign tongue.


Holding himself at gun point, one fellow forced the following statement:
“Behind my flimsy and transparent style, squarely stands my spurious substance – so there!”



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