At the beginning of each new season, the king would have the Minister Of Executions officially announce, “There will be no pardons for those who can think.”  (And curiously unbeknownst, there were always a few citizens encouraged by this news.)



One of the continuing trick shots of the subversive’s pivot position is not to dislike those who deserve it – not to dislike even those who should be disliked, and not even to dislike those whom you do dislike.



At the topless theory club where some of the assistant deities hang out during their down time, one of them (after noting that he didn’t reckon a little “insider’s info” could hurt anything) said that when you’re trying to calculate how life works, always figure in the “Oodle Factor”.  (He says he knows you’ve never heard of it and don’t know what it means, but he says to tell you that it’s pretty easy to figure out.)



Just because you don’t know what you’re doing, doesn’t mean Life doesn’t know what it’s doing.



One hotter than average neuron stood tall and called out, “Listen to me, we can have order and security if you will but forego freedom.”  (And several of the smaller synapses thought, “Say, haven’t we heard this before – out there?”)



All of history and
civilized battlefields revisited:
“Courage,” he said,
and pointed to his head.


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