Hole in Your Shoe

Just before the light changed, the man in the hearty blue overcoat turned my way and said that he always tried to operate on the assumption that there were more aspects involved than he could routinely perceive.



A certain seditiously inclined ole man said to his (quote) “gullible – I mean – receptive kid” (unquote), “Only sissies die.  Okay, only sissies will say they’re dead.”



One of the king’s frontal lobes (which are sometimes kind of like scale models of a revolutionist’s) said, “One of the nice aspects of my position in the intellectual food chain is that I will never be handed the check.”



Everyone has a hole in their shoe.  If you didn’t live in the city, you wouldn’t even have shoes.  Everyone you know now lives in the city.  Everyone who lives in the city has a hole in their shoe.  (The jungle is the source of supper, the city, of justice.)



A reader writes to say that he notices we haven’t had any letters from viewers in today’s News.


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