Today’s civilization report from one kingdom:

“Such an overnight chill swept over the land that many ideas and opinions were frozen.”



A man with an illegal weapon and a handwritten manuscript on “The Unconscious Eroticism Of Elizabethan Verse” should be arrested on one charge or the other.



If you wait for some else to tell you you’re history – you’re history.



In what purports to be a secret, regal diary found in some other reality are these words (on page 65):  “Although the king can go anywhere, part of the fun in being king is that you don’t want to go anywhere.”  (You might care to note:  By page 80, the word “suicide” began to appear.)



Whenever he was in a foreign city, the first thing this one guy’d do after checking into his hotel was rush to his room, call room service, and ask if he could have his tongue cleaned and pressed after nine p.m.


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