Up a Tree

More super-safe bets for the city’s mental track:  Anyone who tries to figure out what life’s all about, and who tells you of their efforts – won’t ever.



Civilization is non-tangible order, and the hunger for such order is the mind’s contribution to new instincts.



Although many of the collateral ideas were notified of the meeting, few of them cared to show up where they knew the doors could be locked, and weapons drawn.



While they were sitting up in a tree, the old man punched the kid on the arm and said, “Look here, whenever you hear some real whiny voice say, ‘better late than never’ – there ain’t no need to check your watch.”  (Some of the lower limbs groaned under the weight of this wisdom.)



Only the tangible, external rebels in the city, babble on about how the revolution must never stop; the truly subversive have no cause to comment on the necessity for breath.


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