Don’t Expect Prizes

Although he continued to insist there were no prizes, whenever this one god would announce a contest, damn-near everybody showed up.



One man say
s that if he ever
writes a book,
he’ll put a title on it.



From about his fortieth year on, when the king would make his grand annual entrance into the city on his birthday, he would declare, “My friends, when you see me, you see your own future,” and this would unfailingly cause a distinct ripple to run through the populace.  (To describe it in any more detail would be most difficult.)



Save the price of testing and counseling – if you’re a psychological, you’ve got psychological problems.



Said one ole man to one kid, “Just periodically playing partially dissonant chords won’t make you a jazz musician, or a modern composer,” and the lad asked, “Then what will?”  But it being such a nice day and all, he decided not to reply.


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