Take Care

An assistant God Of Sports was talking with his counterpart in the area of Arts and asked him, “How come you guys ain’t got an intellectual equivalent to the slam-dunk?”  (The second little fury had to leave – you wanna take the question?)



When this one war didn’t produce enough casualties, they were forced to call a temporary peace.



One of their recent conversations went like this:

(The ole man):  “When you merge with your environment, it merges with you.”

(Then the kid says):  “But what does that mean?”

(The ole man again):  “I haven’t the slightest clue.”

(The end.)



If you know how
to take care of that,
then that
takes care of that.



He stood amidst those assembled and said, “What you see of me now, is only part of what I might totally be.  I will admit that I am not actively engaged in searching for these remaining portions at this time.”



Putting thoughts to paper, one man writes, “Given enough facts on any given subject, I could manage to ignore it completely.”


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