A Coupla’ Guys

Indulging in what he considered to be the ultimate and unequaled exercise of intellectual sophistication, this one man would continually quote himself and never – never – give credit.



Today’s Announcement:

Just because you don’t know what you’re doing, doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing – where do you think you are anyway – outside the city?!!



There were
a couple of guys
who used to
get together.



A certain lad, growing up amidst the arts of civilization, thought (after some seven years) to himself, “As yucky as being alive can sometimes be, why the hell would anybody wanna be a poet and write about it on top of everything else?”  (At just that moment, his ole man stepped into the picture, and, being the romantic, sensitive sort he was, said to the kid, “Hey, punk – grow up!”)



This one old god’s creatures (just to tell you the truth) continued to be nice to him just out of pity.


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