To Tell the Truth

The only reason for not telling the truth, is not knowing the truth; this is, of course, everyone’s reason.  (This is, of course, more complex than it sounds.)



An under-secretary sitting in for the absent Chairman of the committee nodded and said, “Anything that’s easier said than done should definitely be discussed.”  (Had the other neural members agreed any more, they would have collectively wet their seats.)



Acts just are,
while facts
come and go.



Still hanging around the sketchy area near the city limits sign, he summed up his present conclusion:  “If it weren’t for people like me and stuff like this, you wouldn’t have people like me involved in stuff like this.”



“Advice,” said the ole man, “So you want advice and a bus ticket.  Okay kid, here’s your advice:  If you’re gonna make it in the city, pretend to long for nature or fawn over polyester.”


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