Responsible Facts

There was once this one fellow who continually complained about his “bad luck,” until he heard that the gods were really gonna stick it to people who complained; his luck suddenly changed.



A fellow who says he picks up The Daily News on his uncle’s pacemaker writes to ask, “Is the reason this kind of stuff is so hard to isolate and specifically define because it is everywhere?  (Yours Truly, etc.)”  Well, Dear Sir:  It would be all according to where you’re looking.  (How’s that for the ole encouraging “run-around”?)



You might be interested to learn that in undergraduate God School the most popular course (next to Myth Appreciation) is Outrage 101.  (Freshman have been known to smilingly refer to it as a “hoot” and a “blast.”)



Those who can see beyond the polarized reports, begin to traffic in the inevitable.  (Consider:  A man who could stand and watch an approaching monsoon with no opinion thereof, and, furthermore, be extracting from the entire experience some new info regarding unnoted functions of fashion, physics, folk dancing (or something) – note, such a man will not be hired as a reporter for the City Daily News.



Facts have the same responsibility as civilized men – to help prop one another up.


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