Laugh Riot

Over in this one place, just before the end would arrive there’d be a real big beginning.



One ole grizzler advised his pup, “Go on – paint everybody with a broad brush – and if they complain – use a roller!”



On this one world, they only served dickleberry stew, but – Ha Ha! – it didn’t matter ‘cause nobody ate anyway.



Privately, to himself, this one guy said, “Remember:  Any change you make to your brains is a drug.”  (Privately, even he didn’t know why he said it.)  [Apropos to god-knows-what: There’s this fraternity over at one city college whose rallying cry is, “What we drink is what we think.”]



More “Free-Neuron Axioms For Our Time”: Everything that’s funny is inadvertently funny; everything’s funny.


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