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On that certain special day the father told his three sons, “Nothing is more important than history; the past is all that we can know for certain.”  And the first lad accepted the idea as words to live by, and the second son decided to dedicate his life to testing the notion, while the third one, being the rebellious sort, thought, “If indeed this IS correct then it can BE of no consequence whatsoever.”



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always keep your eye
just out of sight.



The rebel leader, and undesignated pretender to the throne, after being accused of many things, one day thought, “Boy, I sure have been accused of many things.”  (Political post script:  How else do you know you’re making head-way?!)



In his complaints regarding the kid’s faulty memory, the ole man would often declaim, “If you don’t remember what you did, how do you know what you did?”  And after several years of this, one day the lad spoke up, “Pop, if you keep asking me that, I’m going to ask you how the rest of life seems to operate quite nicely on no better basis.”



Although he tried,
one man just couldn’t
see the purpose.



“So,” he asked, “What difference does it make, the end’s near SOME thing.”


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