Hump-Day Hippo

After several years of private, unfunded research, one chap has concluded that his own neural system is a “catalyst for stupidity.”



Another person writes to say that, although he’s only seen twenty seven days of our News, he can already think about things that none of his friends can.  (He wants to know if he owes me any royalties whenever he does this.)



There was a god who noticed that one of his neighborhoods had cut back considerably on them telling what kinda guys they were; so he called them all together and said, “Have you people ever heard the story of Job, and would you like to see a tale revived and re-told twenty times?”  (As he sauntered away, several of the assembled made a secret seditious gesture.)



Then in a moment
of unexpected clarity
the poet dropped back
to the punt position.



Scenes from a dialogue of a different sort:

“Specifics can choke a hippo.”
“Yes, but then we could eat him.”
“But I don’t want to eat him.”
“Then be less specific and he can eat you.”


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