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One people tell a story of a man who gets up every morning, has a nice breakfast, takes a warm shower, then puts on his best clothes and climbs down into a twelve foot hole in the ground where he stays for eight hours, then returns home.



One man says that he sometimes feels so all alone that he darn near feels intelligent.



One universe gave lots and plenty of “adequate warning” and , as one planet put it, “A lot of good-good it did us.”



One guy hollered, “I couldn’t help it – my hormones made me do it.”

Query:  Will you be surprised if no one’s impressed?
Query:  Do you believe that everyone knows this already and just doesn’t care?
Query:  In whatever you believe about this will your hormones play any part?
Query:  “I couldn’t help it – my hormones made me do it.”



A brief note
to a blind man
MAY not be brief enough.


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