Don’t Be Misled

Man’s secondary fact-based intelligence tells him that only his crudeness is natural, and that factual instruction and guidance are absolutely required for him to flourish and grow.  (Not that it has a vested interest in it or anything.)



One man said, “They stopped the war just as it was getting good.”  And his partner replied, “Yeah, ain’t that always the way,” but he was hit in mid-sentence by shrapnel from some late-arriving irony.



Sometimes this one god would make a mistake, just to see what people would say.  (Hey, I should level with you.  I got the above unsigned, in the mail, along with a hundred dollar bill and the request to include it in the News one day.)



Don’t be misled:

Words start sentences,
words can end sentences.



Looking around broadly, a certain person in the city explained, “I am sometimes so astounded at being here that I forget I am actually here.” (And for your personal files, you might care to know that several city realities no longer require a permit to explain.)


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