He who won’t admit it
ain’t gotta pay for it.



They had been goin’ on down the road for a while, when the ole man said to the kid, “If you need to have a piece of art explained to you – don’t waste your time,” and after a few or less more steps, the younger asked, “Couldn’t you say that about anything?”  The elder replied, “Why, yeah, but I didn’t think we’d walked that far.”



To the city mind, it goes something like this: To think of anything new, first think of something old; while to the revolutionist’s intellect it would be:  To think of something new, ignore order and sequence.



In addition to the several honors already given by publishers and critics, one city’s Literacy Guild announced that they had established their own prize, which they say, coming from their peers, will be the ultimate recognition.  This annual award will be known as “The Poet Who Most Hated To Be Alive This Year.”



Living Broadcasters’ Tip:

If you sound serious,
you sound serious.


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