Holiday Edition

Leaping into the air and alternatively kicking himself first in the buttocks and then in the back of the head, he said, “You may call me – ‘The Happy Exception.’”  (What could be rarer in the growing part of any reality than a comfortable non-conformist?)

One guy used to read poetry just for a laugh – but hey! – what the hell did poetry care.


Authorized Notice For
Thanksgiving Holiday,
from the Bureau of
Official Permissions Granted:

“If you need to be upset –
go ahead.”


One older rebel told his promising young up-start (as he approached real up-start age), “Son, don’t waste your attention on the apparent flaws in other men’s mythologies, arts and religions; once you get past the physical basics of ‘getting’-it-up’ and ‘puttin’-it-down’, everything else is just mumbo jumbo anyway.”


In a nearby inter-stellar conflict, one side refused to surrender, for fear they’d be well-treated.


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