What Might Make a City Proud

What might make
a city proud
would be embarrassing
in the woods.



Then there was this one guy, who simply wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  (But it was all right since “no” wasn’t the answer anyway.)


You could say that a man who is anxious to tell you what “god wants you to do” is like a limbic time bomb – a living explosive device – but, hey! – why be concerned, many people wanna be blown up.


A guy near a rock said that his future’s so closely connected to his past that it’s hardly worth thinking about separately.  (Did I add that he lives in the city?  Did I add that he is alive?  Need I add that you should stay away from men near rocks.)


The Civilian Cultural Minister of one large city recently admitted, “If we all had watches, we could all tell better time.”


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