Brain Transplant

A reader writes and says in regard to my comments that, “The world is big enough for everybody,” and that, “Alaska’s large enough to take all comers,” says we just ain’t seen him yet.  Well sir, if it makes you feel any better, when it gets around to you – if necessary – we’ll knock the walls down.


It is the nature of robust life to seek revenge; physics’ resentment of chemistry’s intrusion, sunlight’s distaste for dew.  It is man who has given revenge its bad name by calling it revenge. The intensity at which some will say that “civilization has become a burden,” only shows the degree to which they may have become a burden to civilization.



One city homo-thespian said, “So long as someone will continue to furnish me with lines, I have no doubt that I can carry on.”


On the medical front last week, doctors attempted the first brain transplant on a man in the city; today they admitted failure and said his brain just wouldn’t grow no matter where they planted it.


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