A Brief History

Alert, alert – Proverb Update:
The wages of sin
are tax deferrable.


Over in the midst of one City is a man who tells me that when he was younger, he wanted to think and be taken to BE a thinker, but he said that as he got older and his sex and vanity hormones slowed down, he settled down to just speaking in well known and respected clichés.
He says that shortly after that he began to be taken to be a real thinker.


A most brief history of the religions, arts and science of man – (in one sentence, to be precise):
Once you know the number “One,” all the others naturally follow.


Stay up long enough
and SOME thing will happen.

When other men began discussing what, “The gods expect of man,” this one fellow finally thought, “If you don’t give a potter clay, no ceramics can he make, and if you do, that’s all he can do.


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