What Time Is It?

One man called to say that he feels fully justified in his stupidity.
(Literary Post Script:  When you write all your own material, it’s not necessary to always add a smart-ass post script.)

(Another Portion Of An Unknown Dialogue):
“Knowing what time it is
won’t keep you from being late.”
“Yes it will.”
“Are you sure?”
“Have I lied to you lately?”
“I don’t know – is it two o’clock yet?”

Over in this one creation, back when things were just beginning to grow and go well, they named their central feeding station – they called it – ah, hell, it was something like the “Tower Of Table”…no, the “Bower Of Babble,” well it was something like that.

One guy’s advice to himself was, “Well, being mistaken in your thinking at LEAST shows you are thinking.”

In the gods’ Pan-Universal Metaphysical Play-Offs, one deity was disqualified for his continued refusal to wear a face mask.



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