Introducing the Talking Twins

That known duo, the Talking Twins, contacted me again, and Number One said, “All famous people are a disappointment in their private lives,” and Number Two added, “Yes, and that’s why they became famous in the first place.”  (Number One Nodded his agreement.)

One middle chevroned ole man told his equally plaid kid this, “If you ain’t got the smarts that tell you how periodically dumb you can be, than your smarts are standing in the need of need.”

Health check you can do at home:
If one thing comes after another –
you’re still alive.

Just before each battle, this one king would privately retire to his tent, press his forehead against a mirror, and intone, “Oh, ye most dreaded instrument of destruction…”

This other guy used to take people with him everywhere he went so he wouldn’t be alone.
(No, don’t look at me, he thought it up all by himself.)



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