Pass the Kumquat

The metaphor rise, fall and don’t-waste-the-life-guard’s-time, evolution of man:
At first I looked upon my neighbor as my friend; then I saw him as my foe, now it appears to me as one from whom to borrow a lawn mower.

As a show of his supreme sovereignty and power, this one king last Monday declared that from that day on glaciers were forbidden.

A chap stopped me near the produce market and said he’d been watching these programs and has come to the conclusion that whether I mean to or not – what I am encouraging is a way of “Cool living and hot thinking.”  (Would you pass me that kumquat.)

One thing around here
is that they don’t
charge ANY more.

One fine spring’s eve, whilst sitting on the edge of his brother, this one chap grew pensive and reflective, “Noise is but the ultimate improvisation – music stretched to its ultimate limits.”  He paused and pensed a bit more, then wondered, “But what would that say about the nature and potential of chaotic thought?”



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