What If Monday

“There is, I suppose,” said one chap, “A certain kind of justice in the mortal concept OF justice; after all, who thinks worse of humans than humans.”


This visitor to another planet looked around long enough to take in many of the new, exotic sights and doings, then struck up the first conversation with a native by asking, “What if…,” and was immediately interrupted by the response, “We don’t do ‘what if’s’.”


As has been so aptly put, (and here I quote), “Irony is perhaps the most livable, yet stimulating area, in the northern territory – no wait – not irony, that should say McKaysville.”


A guy who’d given advice to damn near everybody in the universe, decided it was about time to dish out some to his ole self; so he did a quick wrap and condensation of all he knew, and had previously said, and told himself, “Hey look, take it easy.”


After several days of protest and unrest by some of the younger creatures, their god called them together and said, “Listen up:  Just being alive is trouble enough; these other problems you think you have are just your imagination.”  (Even those who heard and believed him didn’t believe him.)


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