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“Legends And Myths That Some Subversive Finds Damn Near Unacceptable – I Mean, Unbelievable”:  Today’s tale, boys and girls, has to do with a far away kingdom whose ruler himSELF was satisfied to take orders from a foreign power.


Everyone’s identical
to their twin brother –
except for those
who don’t have one…
(they can apply on Tuesdays.)

(The glowing success of
Siamese Twins tends to
lend even GREATER
credence to the theory.)

For rebellious purpose, the one thing worse than being helpless is FEELING helpless.  (And “surprise, surprise” – one of the two can be dealt with.  Yep, that’s right – the one that seems to require your participation.)


One ole guy slapped his kid with a Search Warrant that read, “Diminishing returns will not hide from a man.”  (As it turned out, the lad was not guilty, but neither was the sentiment.)


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