All Along the Watchtower

Under cover of the silent, starless night, the conspirators made their way, (in, of course, a conspiratorial manner), along the watchtower, when one of the band suddenly shouted: “Look out – here comes a watchtower!”  (Later, as they awaited execution the guy who had yelled told his condemned companions, “But I thought that’s what I was SUPPOSED to do.”)


Much of man’s intellectual adventure can be briefly reviewed through the one scene wherein every time he tries to dock, the pier moves.


After an exceptionally splendid day of battle in the mountains, the king would sometimes send an anomalous messenger back to the valley with unexpected “new-news,” but what with the distance, and the cloudy mist between the two areas, the story has no conclusion.  (Oh yeah, the above was one of the messages the king once sent.)


Explanations aren’t intended to actually EXPLAIN anything – but are, in fact extant as evidence that things can NOT be ordinarily explained.


Over in this one reality, a guy somewhat given to verbosity and whining was sending up his prayer to their deity and noted therein, “After all the rituals and adorations I’ve directed to you, not once have any of my requests been granted, and I would like to now say that if I cannot at least have today’s appeal answered, I will never communicate with you again – it’s up to you – it’s your choice.”  And the god thought, “Wow – tough call.”


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