Squirrels in Your Pockets Sunday

This one god said he’d know he was on the right track if he ever came up with a creation in which he could select a would-be prophetic mouthpiece for himself, and give him a secret message for the rest of the creatures, and then have the guy run off and never tell anyone else.


For a while this one man carried squirrels in his pockets, until he realized how dumb they were – his pockets, that is.


Whilst waiting by a television tower a gentleman came up to me and said quite plainly, “The best thing about-repeating yourself is that no one ever notices.”


Whilst waiting
by a television tower –
On no you don’t!


One little turbo-charged town has officially outlawed “bad luck” and replaced it withincreased and ofttimes extreme forms of “good luck.”  (If facts be not flexible, acts seem intolerable.)


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