Adrenaline Rush for a Monday

Tiring of the tepid tempo of his contemporaries, he says he just went ahead and grabbed the bull by the horns, which he further says, produced two immediate consequences: One, he says is that he has a handful of bull horns; and the other, he says, he doesn’t wanna get into just now.


In one Empire, during times of severe enthusiasm drought, the king, by way of encouragement, would cry out, “Adrenaline rush!”  And, in full battle attire, the First Cavalry would charge the adrenaline mines.


Quote of the day:

“Hey, if you’re NOT excited –
how do you KNOW you’re a kid?”


All the really great stops
along the way are


There is the certainty of certainty,
nd the certainty of uncertainty;
it is on the latter that the intellectual
world of man is based.


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