Welcome, Out-of-Towners!

While ordinary thought has spoken of man being capable of some sort of “sin,” and that specifically being a kind of “separation from god,” you might ponder the non-local background to such an idea as actually being a note that your everyday thinking tends to either break the connection with, or more distance you, from even your ordinary, highest neural level.

One father noted, “Remember son, although the soft wind breaks the strongest tree, men still think it’s irony.”


Scratched in the ashes near the squirrels’ last camp site, the owl found these words, “Those who know, discover forty minutes to their hour.”


In this one brain – I mean, City – the only ones who ever showed up for celebrations were out-of-towners.


To think properly in the ordinary fashion, you must boldly go where everyone’s already been – and STAY THERE!


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