The tri-o-logue of “The Three Other Wise Men”:

First:      “I speak from experience.”

Second:  “I speak from a position of objectivity.”

Third:     “I’m speaking from a pay phone.”


After the exercise of certain efforts, and a corresponding passage of time, this one chap says he now feels closer to himself than he does to being what he is.  (There is some prompting from this side for me to tell you that, under certain conditions, this idea could be reversed and still be useful, but a man with fully functioning transmission knows enough basics to run each race in the right direction, no?)


One ole man advised the kid thusly, “A man who won’t cheat hasn’t got a chance.”  “No, interrupted an uncle, “A man who won’t cheat doesn’t want to win.”  Then a cousin to the uncle up-spoke, “Nay, naïve relatives, a man who won’t cheat is simply dead from the duodenum westward.”  (Many interesting prophesies continue to be made, regarding the future of the familiar family.)


In a land where it was said that the darkness of the night fed upon the stars, some were frightened, some were soothed, and the digestion of the universe proceeded a tempo.


In locales
where “things move faster,”
dumbness moves slower.


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