Thoughts on Everything

Title of yet another
yet-to-be-never-written book:
“Thoughts On Everything
Are Thoughts On Anything.”


While a few of ‘em were just sittin’ around gabbin’ and goofin’, one god said that the best thing about being in their position was that you didn’t have to “call you mama,” but then another one chimed in to say that he thought that was the WORST part.


Query:    What kind of revolutionist might seem hard and heartless toward secondary affairs? Answer:  A Revolutionist.


The ruler of one kingdom announced his decision that the people not be allowed to be sad; in return, they decided he would not be allowed to be king.


People will pay to be entertained, but not informed – wonder why?  Well, I’ll tell you why:  Only one of the two is actually possible.


In our continuing attempt to bring you nothing but the best in high class entertainment – I mean, information – we should be made privy to an extant variation of the previous theorem, to witty:  People will pay to be entertained, but not informed – UNLESS you can trick ‘em!


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