Go Figure!

“Of course,” said the man behind the counter, “The main thing always remains the same.” (Of course, HE’D say that, that’s why he’s behind the counter.)


Near the university’s east gate, a chap with a snack in his hand confideGo ntially noted that once he’d “learned how to think,” he’d give up reading books, (except for an occasional girlie magazine.)


And in response
one man said,
“I am absolutely appalled.”


After several decades of a reign that included many triumphs, some setbacks, great progress and public joy mixed with personal sadness and uncertainty, the beloved monarch was sitting by an open window, gazing across the warm spring lawn toward the nearby forest, and noted to his scribe, “The squirrels know more than they’re telling.”


This one ole guy would cheer-lead, and encourage himself with the exhortation, “Go figure!”  (He continued to do this long after he could no longer figure out what it meant.)


The grimier the prize,
the glitzier the contest.


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