Question for a Thursday

Traffic Advisory: There are several unincorporated areas of the universe wherein are no speed limits.


Trying to make sense
out of facts
is like trying to turn facts
into sense.


This one guy (and no particular dummy at that) captured an utterly fantastic beast that no one had ever seen before; the question then (surprisingly enough), became – “What to do with it?”

(Medical Post Script:  Should you care to engage in a “self-check” at this point, ask yourself – Was the question, “What to do with it?” – surprising enough, or not?)


At a cocktail reception over near City Hall last Friday, a chap held my elbow and told me the following, “There was this man who threw himself in a well – no, wait; there was this man who made himself into a well…no, hold it; there was a man who made himself a well then threw himself in.”  (He seemed satisfied with this last version.)


The “Question Of The Day” is:
Why be afraid of
three dimensional heights?

And the answer is: 
The fall off of a shadow
is never high enough to hurt you.

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