And Now, The News…

On this one channel, they would sometimes broadcast the news just before it happened…(sometimes people would accidentally pick up the station, and most of them didn’t like it one little bit).


As some of those great thinkers
who’ve gone on ahead have said,
“Hey, we’re going on ahead.”


While they were hanging around a museum, the ole man told the kid, “It’s hard to know what other people are thinking if YOU’RE not thinking.”  (And this free cultural tip:  There have been several reports of a Blue Period Picasso spitting on people.)


In one old part of the world
they discovered some
real old stuff.


Even to this day, this one god remains a bit peeved at his little creature buds because they never on their own came up with the idea of writing a triumphant march in his honor…(perhaps it’s not my place to say, but it does seem that some of these gods still don’t know how things operate).


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