The Future of Grapes

Every morning, just as the sun would break the horizon, this one guy would hoist his arms in mock surrender and declare, “Okay – I’m impacted, I’m impacted!”


After a few good belts and suspenders, this one City said, “Some things are meant to be seen, other things need to be heard, but precious little in the intellectual world lends itself to aroma detection…(well, least wise not anything that might appeal to a person of YOUR obvious cultural cachet.)”


The future of grapes
is not to be discovered
in a vineyard.


As they were practicing
one of the participants
accidentally got it right,
and the whole thing
blew up on ‘em!


There was this one man, who would often say, that his first concern was “looking out for himself,” until one day his self, in a clear and sarcastic voice muttered, “And – ‘Wow’ – am I a better man for it!”


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