Nutty Wednesday

One kid told his playmate, “Parent problems don’t get pregnant…of course if I’m wrong we’re in a bucket of trouble.”


The City mind works
something like this:
If you don’t know
what something is,
study it.

The Revolutionist mind
something like this:


This one reality (through appropriate channels) announced to its creatures, “Those who look after me – GET looked after.”  And one of the little darlings puzzled to himself, “Is the lesson here telling us that the grandest of bargains are those which offer no alternative?”


One chap explained his condition by saying it was the result of years of, “gorging on the spoils of failure.”


One guy (whose butter may not be completely clarified) told his family, “If you hear ‘em all singing, ‘Here we go gathering nuts-in-May, nuts-in-May’ – stay inside till fall.”


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